Welcome to this site focusing on training materials covering research support. Having worked for the past four years training librarians at one of the world’s largest research libraries, I have developed a number of different training materials designed to suit a range of preferences and learning patterns including slide decks, videos, online training and print resources. I have also co-created training materials with a number of colleagues. These materials are not represented on this site as it contains only outputs which are all my own work but they can be found via Apollo, the University of Cambridge repository.

The training materials on this site are aimed at educating academic librarians in areas such as Open Access, publishing and data management but could be adapted for use with the research community. You can access the training by looking at the topics in the top menu or via training format on thisĀ Research Support Training page.

You will also find training materials aimed at postgraduate researchers including presentations, presenter notes and accompanying materials which can be used to repeat the class with a local audience.

All of the materials are available under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 Attribution License meaning that people are free to use and adapt them as needed.