As student learning moves increasingly online we have designed a range of independent activities which learners can use to test their knowledge or produce a practical outcome for their research.

Build Your Data Management Plan – this interactive tool uses simple prompt questions to help users build a basic data management plan for their research. A version for undergraduates is also available.

Create a README File – README files help others who might not be familiar with your data to use it in their own work but in the rush to share they are often hastily put together so are of limited use. This interactive tool helps researchers to build a README file for their data and can also be used as a guide to the most common areas.

Creative Commons Card Game – this simple card game allows you to introduce the concept of building a Creative Commons license to learners. It also offers them a chance to think about what the different components mean and how they can be used to create a bespoke license. Produced with Amy Theobald.

Introduction to Creative Commons Licenses – this interactive resource allows learners to explore the basics of copyright and Creative Commons licenses. Includes a self-study version of the Creative Commons Card Game. Produced with Amy Theobald.