Know Moore About

The Know Moore About programme offers a series of one-hour face-to-face presentations outlining the basics of the research process. A selection of topics is delivered each term with new topics rotating in as needed. In 2020 these sessions were pivoted to online sessions as live webinars (see below) and asynchronous modules.

Problem Publishers – this session looks  at the ‘problem’ of so-called predatory publishers. These firms regularly approach researchers via email to solicit manuscripts and conference papers and with the increased emphasis on publishing as a measure of success it can be easy to give into temptation. This session asks whether these publishers are a problem, how to spot a potential predatory publisher or conference and the best action to take if you are approached.  Editable PPT, presenter notes,  handout and session recording are also available.

Research Data Management – data management is a vital part of all research projects. Done well it can save time and stress as well as making the research process more efficient. This session introduces participants to the basic elements of managing the information they use and create as part of their projects including how information can be backed up, stored and shared. Editable PPT,  presenter notes  and session recording are also available.

Becoming a Reflective Researcher – ‘Reflective practice’ is a phrase that often makes people worry but it is just a formal term for something we all do every day. We all have an internal monologue which helps us to process our experiences, both positive and negative. Researchers and students are increasingly being asked to apply reflection to their studies, something emphasised by the key graduate outcomes of the University. But what does this actually mean? How can you use an abstract concept like reflection in your work? This session answers these questions and more. Learn about how you can use reflection to think critically about your response to information, analyse the opinions of others and bring these insights into your writing. You will also be shown how this process can help you in your everyday life – from interviews and coping with feedback through to helping you settle your thoughts at the end of a busy day. Editable PPT also available.

Copyright – from fair dealing to sharing your research online it seems that nothing with copyright is ever simple. There are few black and white rules about copyright but there can be serious consequences for getting things wrong! This session covers the basics of UK copyright law and how these impact researchers such as dealing with third party materials, seeking permissions and how to manage risk. Editable PPT and session recording also available.

Creative Commons – Creative Commons licenses sit alongside existing copyright regulations as a way to help researchers use existing creations and share their own work with others. This session explores the history of the Creative Commons movement, explore how the licenses can be put together and how researchers can use them to their best advantage. Editable PPT and a session recording are also available.

How to Give a Terrible Presentation – many people are wary of giving presentations but they are a fact of academic life. Being able to clearly present your research to an interested audience helps with public engagement and offers the chance to make an impact. This session shares the ten most common mistakes people make when designing and delivering a presentation and offers some tips and tricks to overcome them. Editable PPT and session recording are also available.

Navigating the Online Library – the physical library building and its collections are only the tip of the information iceberg. A wealth of online resources is available during your studies … if only you know where to look! Designed for a hybrid working environment, this session introduces undergraduates to using the library online. 

Avoiding Information Overload – a research data management session aimed at undergraduates. This session looks at the essentials of good information management including back up strategies, storage techniques and how to organise files for quick retrieval. 

Publishing Your Research in an Open World -the world of publication is changing. There are more ways to share the outputs of your research than ever before and at the same time there is an increasing emphasis on sharing these outputs openly. This session will guides researcher through the essentials of publishing and sharing research outputs (both formal and informal) to ensure maximum exposure for their work. Includes an introduction to Open Access publishing.

Promoting Yourself and Your Research – this session guides researchers through the decisions they need to make to create a promotional strategy that works for them and their work. It looks at how to build a successful online profile, where to (legally) share work and where to spend time creating a targeted campaign.

Making an Impact: What You Really Need to Know About Metrics – this session offers an introduction to modern metrics as one element of a wider system to measure success. Learn about traditional metrics, newer methods such as Altmetrics and why there is more to impact than just numbers. It also discusses the move towards the responsible use of metrics and how research active staff at any level can get involved.