Other training

I have been involved in training library staff at my own and other institutions for a number of years. Below is a list of training materials on a variety of topics which fall outside the area of research support but are still useful for those looking into these areas.

More resources can be found on the conference presentations page.

Constructing Surveys – surveys are a popular way to collect data on a range of topics related to your library service but it is all too easy to get them wrong. If you struggle to design effective surveys you are not alone – they are often far more complex than they look. This interactive session will outline the basics of designing a survey, how to draft questions to get the answers you really want, some of the common pitfalls to avoid, the different software options available to help you and some tips and tricks for using surveys effectively. At the end of the session attendees will be able to put together a successful survey on a range of topics.

Tools for Making Engaging Videos – delivered as part of the CILIP MMIT Group webinar ‘Using Video in Your Library and Information Service’. This short presentation looks at two tools (Lumen5 and Screencastify) for creating video content for education or promotion.

Presentations: From Design to Delivery – presentation skills are a vital part of working in the information profession yet this is an area many people feel uncomfortable with. They assume that presenting means standing up to deliver a talk to an audience but it can also involve leading a tour, speaking in meetings or working at an enquiry point. This interactive workshop, tailored specifically to the library community, will take you through the process of creating and delivering a presentation, give you tips on design and public speaking and help you to feel more confident in communicating with others. At the end of the course you will be able to deliver any kind of session with confidence.

Presentation Skills Refresh – a shorter (one hour) version of the above workshop is also available. This presentation covers the essentials of designing and delivering a good presentation.

Attendance Justification Toolkit – undertaking career and professional development opportunities is an excellent way to enhance your skills but realistically, most of these cost money. This toolkit looks at different ways in which you can build a business case with your employer or other funder for resources such as time or money to attend an event.

Get Creative with your CPD – undertaking professional development doesn’t always have to cost money. This presentation outlines several options for professional development on a budget.

Reflective Practice Toolkit – this LibGuide is designed for those new to reflection but who may have to use it as part of their academic work. This interactive resource contains activities, models and links to further resources.

Reflective Practice Workshop – being a reflective practitioner is something that doesn’t come naturally to everyone but it’s a surprisingly easy skill to develop. This workshop aims to guide learners through the basics of reflection including tips for overcoming barriers and an introduction to reflective writing. An accompanying workbook is also available.

LibGuides Training – slides and handout covering the basics of setting up a LibGuide from scratch and the main areas to think about including the presentation of information and accessibility. Slides and handout both available.