Researcher training

I also offer training to researchers covering similar topics. Due to my current role, this is mainly aimed at Physical Sciences students at postgraduate level and above but much of the content I produce can be adapted to suit other disciplines. This is still a developing area for me so content will be added regularly as it is produced. Unless otherwise stated, all content is available under a CC-BY 4.0 licence.

Know Moore About

This programme offers a series of one-hour sessions on key topics. Previously delivered face-to-face in small group teaching, these sessions have been adapted into live webinars.

Moore Modules

These asynchronous Moore Modules contain a mixture of text and multimedia content as well as signposts to further information. Each module concludes with an interactive activity designed to offer a tangible outcome for the research process. Learners can work through these modules at their own pace either as a replacement for attending the live session or as a way to solidify their knowledge on a topic.

Moore About Guides

These short accessible guides offer an overview of the essentials of common academic and research topics. Each guide can be shared as an interactive PDF online or printed out as a handout to reinforce messages in taught sessions.

Moore Minutes

Moore Minutes aim to offer a brief taster/introduction to a topic in roughly a minute. Longer videos allow for more information but also result in higher drop out rates as people have short attention spans! These videos are available in a standard format suitable for sites such as YouTube and Twitter or in a portrait format better suited for mobile viewing on sites such as Instagram.